I'm an artist at heart – with my BA in Graphic Arts from Taylor University, I fill my time with photography, design, studio art, and lots of music. I believe wholeheartedly in the gift that marriage is from God to humanity, and how it is the best representation we have on earth of the unending, unconditional love of God. I married up in June 2018 to the cutest guy in the world who is pursuing a career in medicine.  We have a pet cockatiel named Doug Judy the Pontiac Bandit and I love her very very much – yes, I'm the crazy neighborhood bird lady. Unashamedly.  I also have a passion for houseplants, interior decorating, cooking, and my amazing community of friends. Also, I spent half of my growing up years living with my family in Thailand, which was amazing!

Of all the things I do, photography and graphic design are my FAVE. I love every step of the photography process, from talking with clients, to shooting, to editing, to sending off a beautiful album. Similarly, the design process of sketching, revising, and visually representing a person or an event is such a pleasure and a wonderful way to stretch my creative abilities. 

I see my purpose as a visual artist to tell stories. Real stories, not fabricated ones. I love to capture raw emotions, deep belly laughs, and genuine tears. The best smiles are the ones that aren't forced. Sound good to you? Let's be friends. 

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Upland, IN & Indianapolis, IN

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