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After going through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum myself recently, I found that my heart belongs most in the birth space. I believe birth is a beautiful and empowering experience that should be documented to be remembered for a lifetime!


A newborn and birth photographer serving the greater Indianapolis area who's been behind the camera professionally since 2017. Over the years I've done portraits and weddings, and I now focus almost exclusively on parents and lil squishy babes. 

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I'm a follow of Christ, a wife, and a mama! Our sweet baby girl, Marceline, was born in February 2022. I'm also a toxin-free living educator, a fitness instructor and enthusiast, and a sucker for a home-cooked paleo meal. 


I'd be SO honored to help document this stage of your life as you welcome in a new baby. Can't wait to be friends :) 

AND: you might be wondering, "I thought Kristen was a wedding photographer... How can I book her for my wedding?"  Great question! You can still book me for your wedding through Clay House Photo!!

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