You're thinking about choosing a photographer, and what it really comes down to is cost. Why does photography have to be so dang expensive?! Ask any professional photog and they probably could list off about 15 reasons on the spot. Hours of editing, taxes, equipment, website fees, so much editing, taxes, insurance, taxes, taxes, MORE EDITING, taxes... you get the point. These are all major factors, yes, but think about it not just as paying to have photo coverage for a few hours or a day. Think about how you are investing in capturing these precious memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Maybe even longer, if your kids get ahold of the pictures too. My sole purpose is to help tell your story, whether that be a love story or a family story or a major milestone such as a graduation or a birth. By investing in me as your photographer, you are investing in the future. And also helping me keep the IRS happy ;)


Starting at $300


Starting at $2400


Starting at $250

Family, Senior, Newborn

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